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  • Team Fortress 2 hosts a vast amount of Team Fortress 2 servers with a variety of game modes, maps and players - so try them out, you'll be sure to love them! Our servers include All Maps, Arena, Dodgeball, Freak Fortress, Idle, Man vs Machine, MGE, Prophunt, Trade, Saxton Hale and more! Read More
  • Counterstrike Source hosts CS:S servers with friendly, competitive and skilled players. We are always open for suggestions whether it be mods or plugins! Our servers include Dust2 Knifethrow, Deathmatch Dust2, Deathmatch Nike, Deathmatch Office, Gungame Deathmatch & Gungame! Read More
  • Minecraft

    If you like to play Minecraft with your friends, we've got just the thing for you. We are running a vanilla Minecraft server, as well as a Tekkit server. Give them a try! Read More
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  • New Website!

    2013-01-19 13:31:06 has a brand new, revamped website! We have completely changed how the website functions, integrating a whole bunch of new features.  Click the link below to get a more detailed overview!
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    • Website
  • Big Update Out!

    2013-01-19 13:36:24
    Big update, lots of new goodies. But with every update also comes some issues.We need to update some Sourcemod and other related things on our servers. Most servers that are not depending will go later.Some servers are updated,
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    • TF2

    2013-01-19 13:46:31
    Today marks the end of CS:GO for us.  All servers are gone, hardly enough people on it to actually host 1 server.  If you were/are an admin on CS:GO and would like to keep playing on our CS:S
    Read More
    • CounterStrike
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If you have suggestions that you think our community could benefit from, feel free to post them on our forums. This can be anything from server or website suggestions!


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